S. i. Network

asset entities has always believed that we are all stronger, TOGETHER! We always valued our community members / peers, which is why we created our 'Social influencer Network'.
A network of like minded artists, curators, designers and influencers. Launching in 2023, you have an opportunity to join now, and be part of the Web 3.0 Я3VOLUTION.

why join ourNetwork

Web 3.0 = All Change.

Social Media companies relied on YOU, YOUR content and YOUR following/fans in order to generate THEIR income.

Web 3.0 gives YOU the power to decide who and where YOUR content is used AND generate income that respects YOUR craft.

★ influencers

Across Social Media sphere there are influencers of every sex, age, colour, creed, size and location. We are 100% inclusive, and we review every application and any data you send us. We have a book of new brands/clients/companies for some amazing campaigns, maybe you are EXACTLY who we need.

★ creators

You are passionate about creating amazing content. You know exactly how to make the perfect TikTok 'banger' or viral Instagram Reel or one of the most pinned baker on Pinterest.
Again, if that's you and want to do more, and be in control of your content...

★ artists

Designer, Musician, Videographer, Painter, Actor, Writer... We LOVE the arts, and understand how you want your content to be used or where it can be sold, without those rip-off fees. Be part of our S.i.N. group and see where these new opportunities take your art.